Laura Ingraham Is A Piece of Shit

Laura Ingraham is a piece of shit Officially inducted and bestowd the total piece of shit award on 12/18/18

Laura, you deserve this you bigoted piece of shit!Laura Ingraham, a right wing radio host is a piece of shit conservative. She always has been. What shines the piece of shit spotlight on her most recently, is her stupid ass comment on LeBron James telling LeBron James to "Shut up and dribble" instead of discussing politics.

These dumb ass pieces of shits always open their dirty filthy, bigoted mouths without ever considering consequences.

Who in the fuck does she think she is?


LeBron James

This is what is wrong with these piece of shit conservatives. Without any consideration they dish out their shrewd and asinine shit comments as though it's growing on trees for everyone to harvest and swallow. But god forbid anyone else voice their views publically.

The thing we find interesting is that when someone like Curt Schilling or Kid Rock or Ted Nugent speaks up about politics, they don't say, "stick to sports/music."  Thus, Laura Ingraham is nothing short of a bigoted piece of shit hypocrite.

Laura Ingraham could make the world a better place if she would STFU. No wonder everyone hates brain dead conservative.

Ingram is NOTHING more than a FOX whore that will say & do anything if the money is right! It does not matter about the legality, morals , OR ethics as long as she is towing the talking points of the day! 

These people have no morals. They have absolutely no consideration for anyone but themselves... and they make it quite obvious by expressing no shame, none what so ever. 


Laura Ingraham is a piece of shit.


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Laura Ingrahm says #LeBronJames should "shut up and dribble" and leave political comments to people who didn't leave high school a year early.