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    What Is A Piece Of Shit?

The definition of "piece of shit"

:noun phrase

Vulgar, despicable! Something or someone inferior or worthless: a job he didn't want to take, and was a piece of shit.

A lie; hypocrisy; a PACK OF LIES : Everything he said is a big piece of shit (1950s+)

Any object, person, or other existing thing that works incorrectly, is too expensive, or just plain sucks.

Sentences; Dude, why would you ever vote for trump? He's a piece of shit!  While not paying attention, he steped on a piece of shit and then leaned his back against the wall, picking the shit out of the soles of his shoes.

This is an image of the piece of shit president of the Unitied States

Donald Trump is a piece of shit Facebook Page
Exploitation, Sexism, Classism, Racism, Bullying and lying to get my way. Angry tweeting, Doubling down on stupid things I do, Never backing down, even when I'm 100% wrong.

Slandering the FBI, pushing conspiracies, and endorsing child molesters, welcome to today's GOP.  

Donald Trump is a piece of shit
Donald Trump is a piece of shit. There's no denying it. He's a racist, pussy grabbing, xenophobic, planet killing, homophobic, classist, Nazi loving, lying, traitorous piece of shit.

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Keeping a vigilant eye on the administration's environmental actions.