Incoming Piece of Shit List

Piece of shit individuals soon to be inducted

Bob "Piece of shit" Dutko
Bob works hard to convince you that his analysis of an issue is generated from pure logic and he has a complete understanding of the topic discussed. However, anyone who has successfully completed a basic course in logic recognizes Bob for what he is: A used car salesman, all sunshine and bullshit with hints of authoritarianism.

Orrin "Piece of shit" Hatch
Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Obamacare supporters 'stupidest, dumbass people'

Franklin "Dumb Ass" Graham
should you decide to talk about Trumps tape or those payoffs with others, Franklin Graham wants you to know that God is going to judge you for it.

Susan "Coat Hanger" Collins
It is an important time to reaffirm the fact that moderate Maine Republican Senator Susan "Coat Hanger"Collins is, indeed, a piece of shit asshole.

Christian radio host Bryan Fischer
Piece of shit Christian radio host Bryan Fischer claims school prayer would have prevented the Florida school shooting. What a dumb ass!

Rep. Claudia Tenney
Piece of shit Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats.

Paul Ryan
House Speaker Ryan talks need to reform health care, breaks down the budget deal that was passed on 'Sunday Morning Futures.'

Newt Gingrich
Newt (Piece of Shit) Gingrich: “Atheist Philosophy” More Dangerous to Christianity Than Terrorists.

Rob Portman
"Jane & I  mourn the loss of innocent lives in this horrific attack in Las Vegas last night. We are praying for those taken from us, their families & all those injured in this attack.

From the NRA  (Official NRA Enabler) 

Ted Dumb Ass Cruz
Sen. Piece of Shit Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused Democrats on Thursday of seizing on mass shootings to push a political agenda, saying that calling for increased gun control after such tragedies is "not the right answer."  

Crooks and Liars
Parkland Students Go After Rick Scott, Rubio, Paul Ryan As NRA Enablers  




Donald Trump is the world's Biggest Piece of Shit.   

What amazes me is how many people don't see it (or choose not to). No wonder he doesn't do press conferences.  What a piece of shit!

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