Jim Bakker is not a prophet. Jim Bakker is a total Piece of Shit.

Jim Bakker crying like a baby after his conviction Officially awarded the total piece of shit award on 9/1/18

A mere 29 short years ago, Jim Bakker was a disgraced televangelist/entrepreneur, accused of drugging and raping his secretary Jessica Hahn, and serving a 45-year prison sentence for 24 counts of fraud that netted him $158 million.

These days, End Times enthusiast and televangelist Jim Bakker says a lot of nutty things.

Piece of shit James Orsen Bakker is a self proclaimed prophet, an American televangelist, former Assemblies of God minister, convicted felon, and former host of The PTL Club, an evangelical Christian television program.

Jim Bakker has always been a total piece of shit always hiding himself under the disguise, of a prohet of God.

There are many good reasons and a long time coming for this dolt's induction into the USA Piece of shit list. What brings this piece of shit Jim Bakker to our list is his most recent religious rant.  Jim Bakker wants hellfire for people who mock his nutty ways. He recently declared that people who dare to criticize President Trump have the “spirit of the Antichrist“

Piece of shit Jim Bakker is closer more to a chucklefuck than a prophet. Thanks to pieces of shit like Donald Trump and Jim Bakker, evangelicism and conservatism has turned into a cult.

Chuck Grassley is a piece of shit

“If you don’t want to hear it, just shut me off. Especially you folks that monitor me every day to try to destroy me. Just go away. You don’t have to be there, you don’t have to hear it. But one day, you’re going to shake your fist in God’s face and you’re going to say, ‘God, why didn’t you warn me?’ And He’s going say, ‘You sat there and you made fun of Jim Bakker all those years. I warned you but you didn’t listen.’” 

In short, the only major differences between Jim Bakker and Donald Trump are 1) that Bakker lives in Branson, MO and 2) Trump has not yet been fully busted.

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Jim Bakker: God will smite the people ‘who made fun of me all those years’
Jim Bakker wants hellfire for people who mock his nutty ways.

Have You Made Fun Of Jim Bakker Lately? Then You Are In Big Trouble WITH GOD God said anyone who questions a prophet is gonna get one heavenly spanking by the Hand of GOD. However, piece of shit Jim Bakker is certainly no prophet.



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